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Hand washing or Hand Sanitize- Which is better and why?

Initially, people used to wash hands with soap to get rid of germs or just to clean their hands before eating. However, nowadays people use hand sanitizers on most of the occasions since they are specially formulated to kill the germs and they clean your hands perfectly. That being said, you can still wash hands with soap while bathing or if your hands are already quite clean. However, you must use the hand sanitizers in the following cases:


People working in healthcare organizations and hospitals must use hand sanitizers because they tend to come in contact with objects and people who are germ-ridden. Moreover, if they are using sterilized equipment like scissors, knives, and other surgery tools then the use of sanitizers is a must to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria on these tools.


Individuals who are working in chemical factories, dye factories, industries, manufacturing industries, etc. must use hand sanitizers especially when they have to regularly touch machines, chemicals, etc. Sanitizers not only remove germs and pathogens from your hand but they also clean the chemicals more effectively as compared to the soaps.

Benefits of Using Sanitizers

Alcohol-based sanitizers are more effective since they penetrate the membrane of the bacteria and make them ineffective after a few seconds. They are formulated to kill a large number of viruses and bacteria. Moreover, sanitizers are available in easy-to-use bottles and sachets in which you can retrieve the solution without touching it directly. On the other hand, soaps are designed to remove the dirt particles and microorganisms that are present on the surface of your skin. Therefore, they do not kill the microorganisms but are just ideal for removing dirt, oil, and bacteria.

Also, hand sanitizers are a good choice for the travelers as they might not get water and soap all the time to wash their hands.

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