Cool way to treat painful conditions
Pack: 30 g Lami Tube in Mono Carton


Arnorex Cool Gel

Useful in Appetite Stimulation

Therapeutic Segment : Topical Pain Reliever

Packing : 30 g Lami Tube in Mono Carton

Benefits :

  • Perfect blend of herbs that induces cooling effects and reduces irritation
  • Fast acting deep penetrating pain relieving gel
  • Ideal herbal formulation that penetrates swiftly into the area of pain
  • Relieves ache, stimulates circulation, relaxes stiffness and re-oxygenates tense painful tissues
  • Relieves low back pain , Muscle Pain and provides relief from pain due to osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , lumbago , sprains and strains

Key Ingredients:

Gandhpura Oil

Gandhpura Oil
Act as anti-inflammatory &antispasmodic.

Gandhpura Oil

Phudina Crystal

Phudina Crystal
It is natural painkiller & muscle relaxant.

Phudina Crystal



Each soft gelatin capsule contains :

Gandhpura Oil (Gultheria Fragrantissina) 29.52 %
Phudina Crystal (Mentha Spicata) L.DGV 14.98 % Gel Base

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