Dapagliflozin 5 mg & Sitagliptin 50 mg
Pack : 10 x 10 Tablets Alu-Alu Pack


Dapacan-S 5 | 50 Tablets

Dapagliflozin 5 mg & Sitagliptin 50 mg
 10 x 10 Tablets (Alu-Alu Pack)

  • Hba1C Reductions
  • Blood Pressure Reduction
  • Non-Insulin Dependent Mellitus
  • Management of Type-II Diabetic Mellitus
 As direcetd by Physician

Product Description :

Dapagliflozin + Sitagliptin is used in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Work Mechanism :

Dapagliflozin + Sitagliptin is a combination of two antidiabetic medications. Dapagliflozin increases urinary glucose excretion and reduces blood glucose levels. Sitagliptin reduces the amount of glucose produced by the liver by raising insulin levels and decreasing the levels of glucagon (the hormone that increases blood glucose level).

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