An instant go-to for “Bye-Bye oily, and hello, glowy” skin
Pack: 100 ml Tube


Medizest Face Wash

An instant go-to for “Bye-Bye oily, and hello, glowy” skin.

Medizest Deep Cleansing Face Wash is a blessing in disguise for oily and pimple-prone skin. It takes care of other problems that come with acne-prone skin like congested pores, blackheads, and breakouts. Your skin will be visibly smooth and soft, which is an issue for those with acne-skin. This face wash repairs and rejuvenate your skin.It not just cleanses, but keeps the skin hydrated, fresh and prevent further breakouts which are the biggest pain points for oily skin.if you are someone who is combating oily skin issues on a daily basis, then this product is made just the choice for you.

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Enriched With:


Tightens the skin pores and gently tones the skin. Its anti-inflammatory property reduces the redness of irritated skin and treat sunburn.



Possesses excellent antibacterial properties, treats acne scars & existing acne. Also helps in controlling excess oil production & helps in the removal of dead skin cells.



Tulsi (Basil) acts as an anti-inflammatory. Enlivens dull-looking skin and improves skin tone.



✓ Helps prevent Acne, Pimple, Black heads & Scar.

✓ Deeply cleanses your skin while keeping the T-zone clean and oil-free.

✓ Makes the skin look young, healthy, soft and supple.

✓ Controls oil secretion.

✓ Controls excess sebum and thereby prevents further skin breakouts.

Direction for use

Take small amount on your palm.

Work up lather & gently massage in circular motion on your wet face.

Rinse with water & pat dry.

Use twice a day.

Avoid the area around the eye.

In case of contact with eyes,rinse immediately.

Additional information

Product Type

Face Wash


Acne & Pimple

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