Calcipime-A Capsules

Calcium Supplement

Therapeutic Segment : Calcium Supplement

Packing : 10 Capsules in Jar with mono carton

Ayurvedic Formulation with goodness of Praval Pishti 100 mg, Kamdudha Ras 100 mg, Godanti Bhasma 100 mg, Kapardika Bhasma 100 mg, Asthisanhar Extract 100 mg, Muktashukti Bhasma 80 mg, Shankh Bhasma 60 mg, Jaharmohara Pishti 30 mg

Calcium is an important mineral for our body. Calcium plays a critical role in proper functioning of the body, including blood cells, muscles and nerves. It helps not only in building bones and keeping them healthy but also allows our blood to clot, our muscles to bond, and our heart to beat. Over 98% of the calcium in our body is in the bone tissues, where it provides strength.  For proper functioning, the body keeps blood calcium levels within a narrow range.  We lose a small amount of calcium each day through skin, hair, nails, urine and feces.  When dietary calcium intake is not adequate to replace this, calcium is taken from bone. People with inadequate calcium intake lose bone at a faster rate and have a greater chance of developing weak & fragile bones, dental problems, brittle nails, and various other issues.

Calcipime-A Capsules are herbal Calcium & Vitamin C supplement that helps to get strong bones and improves joint health. This natural supplement provides Calcium in bio-active form and builds up muscles and assures enhanced strength to bones and ligaments.

Calcipime-A Capsules is a potent combination of natural plant extracts that are rich in Calcium and other minerals. It has the ability to get easily absorbed and compensate the Calcium required by the body. This herbal Calcium supplement helps in regulating the functioning of the muscles of the heart while improving digestion.

It amazingly neutralizes free radicals, protects bones & ultimately increases bone density. Calcipime-A Capsules provide natural Calcium, minerals & components for complete bone health. This is a 100% natural Calcium supplement which has an active role in the treatment of variety of bone metabolic disorders such as Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Praval Pishti
Godanti Bhasma
MuktaShakti Bhasma
Muktashukti Bhasma
Shankh Bhasma
  • Ayurvedic product that supports bone health
  • An ideal calcium supplement for growing children
  • Supports bone mineral density
  • Suitable for both men & women
  • Safe for long term use
  • One capsule twice daily before meals for minimum 3-6 months, preferably with warm water or as directed by Physician
  • For better results, give a break of at least 2 hours with Iron containing multivitamin supplements before taking Calcipime-A Capsules

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