Dentopride Sensitive Toothpaste 100 gm

Sensitivity Relief, Whitening & Cavity Protection Promotes Healthy Gums, Strengthens Enamel, Prevents Cavity & Plaque, Whitens Teeth & Freshens Breath

Therapeutic Segment : Dental Care

Packing : 100 g lami tube with screw cap in mono carton

100% Vegetarian | Paraben Free | Flouride Free

An attractive smile cannot be achieved without proper oral care. 1 in 3 adults experience tooth sensitivity while only a few act on it. Tooth sensitivity is among the most common causes of toothache. The pain of tooth sensitivity is usually sharp, sudden and shooting. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the layer of a tooth underneath the enamel called the dentin or the layer covering the root called cementum is exposed along the gum line due to receding gums. The exposed areas respond to hot and cold, and sometimes to sweet and spicy foods, and triggers pain.

Specially formulated for sensitive teeth, Dentopride Sensitive Toothpaste soothes the nerve ends and builds a protective shield providing relief from sensitivity. It also helps prevent some of the root causes of sensitivity and provides long hours of oral protection.

Say goodbye to bleeding gums, bad breath & stained teeth with Dentopride Sensitive Toothpaste which is enriched with Sodium Monoflurophosphate. This toothpaste strengthens the enamel, protects against cavities, promotes good oral care and works from the first use. It is designed to fight decay and plaque and helps to kill 99% germs and bacteria which is the main cause of damage to the teeth and gums.

Sodium Monofluorophosphate
Sodium Monofluorophosphate
Menthol Crystal
Menthol Crystal
  • Whitens teeth naturally
  • Fights teeth decay
  • Reduces plaque production
  • Effective protection against cavities & Gingivitis
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Reduces abrasion of teeth

Adults & children 12 years of age and older : Apply at least a 1-inch strip of the product onto a soft bristle toothbrush. Brush teeth thoroughly for at least 1 minute twice a day (morning and evening) or as recommended by a dentist or physician. Make sure to brush all sensitive areas of the teeth.

Warning – When using this product, do not use longer than 4 weeks unless recommended by a dentist or physician. Stop use and ask a dentist if the problem

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Tooth Cavity, Tooth Decay, Yellowish Teeth

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