Lactopride Capsules 60 Cap

Lactation Supplement for Mothers

Therapeutic Segment : Lactation Supplement

Packing : 60 Capsules in Jar with mono carton

Ayurvedic formulation with goodness of Shatavari Extract Rt. 250 mg, Mulethi Extract Rt. 50 mg, Chandrashoor Extract Sd. 50 mg, Vidarikand Extract Rt. 50 mg, Gokharu Extract Fr. 50 mg, Papaya Extract Sd. 50 mg, Sahjan Extract Lf. 50 mg, Trikatu Extract 30 mg

Breastfeeding has many benefits for you and your baby. Any amount of mother’s milk is beneficial. It is a sustainable resource that meets the nutritional needs of most infants for healthy growth and development.

Human milk is a substance that adapts and changes to meet the needs of your baby as they grow and develop. It contains anti-infective and anti-bacterial substances produced by your body in response to your environment. They help your baby build a strong immune system to protect them from infections and diseases.

Babies fed with mother’s milk are less likely to suffer with ear, chest, and gastrointestinal infections. They are also less likely to suffer from constipation, eczema, asthma, allergies, leukemia, and other long-term health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Other benefits include protection against sudden infant death syndrome as well as optimum development of baby’s jaw and teeth alignment.

However, changes in your breast milk supply can happen for a number of reasons, including hormonal changes, birthing complications, and how often you nurse. It’s upsetting when your milk supply drops, or if it isn’t enough to meet your baby’s needs from the beginning. Lactopride Capsules are a perfect blend of galactagogues that are highly effective in enhancing lactation.

Lactopride Capsules combine a perfect blend of fennel, fenugreek & many other vital herbs that not only promote healthy lactation but also soothes your digestive system. Further it facilitates fast postpartum recovery. It improves general health status and well-being of both the mother & the child.

Trikatu Extract
Papaya Extract
Mulethi Extract
Gokharu Extract
  • Ayurvedic product that helath & well being
  • It contains natural ingredients like Satavari, Mulethi, Gokharu, Papaya, Sahjan, Ashwagandha, Jeera, Sowa, Methi & Saunf
  • Suitable for women; Safe for long term use
  • Made with 100% Ayurvedic Ingredients

1 Capsule twice daily preferably with a glass of warm milk for at least 3 to 6 months or as directed by Physician

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