Enriched with Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil &Sandal Wood
Pack: 100 ml Bottle


Maxisoft Body Massage Oil

Invigourating massage oil for total comfort from all day stress.

Maxisoft Body Massage Oil massage tones, relaxes & nourishes skin and muscle tissue and gives a rejuvenating experience. It tantalises the senses with unrivalled enticing and sensual properties. Also gives instant hydration to the body & keeps your skin smooth & supple throughout the day. Allow this blessing of a product to pamper you with love and affection, leaving your mind & body revitalized.

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Enriched With:

Almond Oil

Almond Oil
Almond Oil replenishes the lost nutrients in the skin, reduces acne and makes the skin look healthier.

Almond Oil

Olive Oil

Olive Oil
Olive Oil penetrates deeply into the skin while providing a cleansing effect.

Olive Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is an effective antibacterial and antiseptic. It promotes healing and prevents the spread of skin infections.

Tea Tree Oil

Sandal Wood

Sandal Wood
Sandal Wood helps moisturize and hydrate dry or flaky skin and relieves itching and inflammation of skin.

Sandal Wood


✓ Unisex.

✓ Strengthens the bone tissues, and tones and firms the muscles.

✓ Brings instant relief, as well as re-energizes the body.

✓ Gives luster to the skin, increasing body heat & circulation.

✓ Instantly absorbs into the skin & relaxes the muscles & stress.

✓ Revitalizes body and mind.

✓ Keeps wrinkles and dry lines away.

Direction for use

Apply all over the body including hands and legs. Gently massage.

Additional information

Product Type

Massage Oil


Body Massage

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