Constipation - Lifestyle Digestive Disorder ( Symptoms, Prevention & Relief )
Digestive Disorder

Constipation is related to irregular bowel movements and a person suffering from this disorder is not able to pass feces as it gets hard and completely dry. It is not a disease but a symptom that can affect your lifestyle due to the irritation and frustration associated with it. Physically inactive people are suffering from dehydration or if you do not include enough fiber in their diet then you might face this digestive disorder frequently. Sometimes, overuse of medicines can also cause constipation.

Reasons & Preventive measures for Constipation


If you sit and work for longer hours and do not involve yourself in any physical activity even after that, then you might have to suffer from constipation soon. People who are suffering from diseases that restrict their physical movement often suffer from constipation but if you are healthy and still do not move enough or exercise then it is a shame.

To avoid this, you must indulge yourself in physical activities like exercise, walking, running, jogging or any form of physical sport. We are not saying that you need to participate in an intense workout session for staying away from constipation. You just need to keep yourself moderately active or you can just take a long walk at least once in a day to stay away from the symptoms of constipation.

Lack of dietary fiber

Lack of dietary fiber can be one of the main reasons for hard and dry stool. Fibre keeps your stool bulky and soft which helps you to pass your feces with ease and comfort. Therefore, you must include fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other food materials that are high in dietary fiber. Include beans, banana, whole-grain bread, and many other fruits, vegetables, and cereals in your daily diet and stay away from constipation.

Not Drinking enough fluids

Drinking plenty of water can be a good option to stay away from constipation. People do not drink enough water and lack of fluids is one of the main reasons behind constipation. Fluids keep the digestive tract smooth and moving which also prevents drying up of stool.

You can drink fruit juices if you are not able to drink enough water. Drinking too much coffee, tea, and soft drinks can increase the level of constipation and therefore these drinks are not recommended for people who are going through its symptoms.

Ignoring the urge

When you feel the need to poop then you must immediately take a loo break. If you keep ignoring the urge then this habit can lead you towards constipation. Therefore, use the toilet as soon as you feel the need irrespective of how busy or occupied you are.


Some medicines like narcotics, antacids, antidepressants can increase the symptoms of constipation. Therefore, the doctor usually tells you to drink plenty of water when you are on medication. Using too many laxatives can also be the cause of constipation.

From the above points, we can easily say poor lifestyle and bad habits can lead you towards constipation. Therefore, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that supports easy digestion of food to avoid this frustrating disorder.

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