Multivitamins & Multi-mineral - Do young children need them

Giving your child a multivitamin often seems a safe choice especially when you happen to be a choosy eater. But in reality, a majority of toddlers and babies start needing them in the due course of time. Vitamins do protect your kids from several childhood ailments and make them grow taller and faster. However, these vitamins can be given to kids with so many food items as they are fortified with minerals and vitamins like the bread carries iron, while the orange juice has calcium, but the fact that kids have become poor eaters and they do not tend to eat these things thus creating the deficiency of vitamins in them.

So, the children being not so good eaters, the modern-day parents are relying more on multivitamin and multi-mineral tablets seeking from the best multi-mineral tablets supplier in India. Even doctors vouch for the same as they know that modern-day children have become poor eaters. So, it is wise enough to offer them a vitamin drop or extra iron can make a huge difference. These are often recommended to kids and toddlers with low birth weight, and the babies with specific metabolic disorders. We find several doctors recommend multivitamin drops even for breastfed babies as they feel that the breast milk may lack the required amounts of vitamin D and, after six months might not offer them the required level of iron.

However, if you find both the mother and baby healthy then you may not need for them as they may appear well nourished. But the modern-day fast life has created the dearth of vitamins making a majority away from vitamins that make the doctors prescribe the multivitamin for kids and even babies. There is no doubt to the fact that your child would need a daily multivitamin that can make you feel better. So, what are you waiting for, find the best multi-mineral tablets and multivitamin tablets supplier in India and feed the kids the required but don’t forget to consult the doctors before the same

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