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Bonizest Syrup

Baby Health Tonic

Therapeutic Segment : Antispasmodic

Packing : 100 ml bottle in mono carton

Ayurvedic Formulation with goodness of Dalchini Oil 00.018 ml, Guduchi Stem 10.00 mg, Pippali Fruit 10 mg, Amalki Fruit 10 mg, Chiraonji Oil 20 mg, Kasundri Seeds 20 mg, Haritaki Fruit 20 mg, Elichi Seed 20 mg

The happiness and joy of bringing a new-born home is precious and for weeks together you will be wonderstruck at your babies doing little things like smiling in sleep, sucking milk, and even crying. But, suddenly if your little one starts crying, squalling with fists clenched, flapping legs with an unpleasant red face, then it is quite unnerving for all the family members. However, do not get into a panic mode since colic or infantile stomach pain is quite a common problem among babies. And the good news is that it is a temporary episode and can be managed.

The exact cause of colic or infantile stomach pain is not very clear, but a few pediatricians suggest that it may be due to neurological immaturity or babies finding it difficult to get accustomed to the environment outside the womb, making babies experience irritability for a short period. While some babies are a bit more sensitive to stimulus, intolerance to breast milk and it is also suggested that colicky babies may respond to gas or acid reflux.

Bonizest Syrup helps relieve gastrointestinal ailments. Bonibion Syrup can act as a remedy and provides much-needed relief to the baby. It is composed of fennel and other vital herbs. Bonibion Syrup is used as a tonic for infants to provide relief from colic and pain due to indigestion.

Bonizest Syrup is a complete and natural remedy for stomach related ailments for infants. It helps strengthen the child’s sensitive intestine and helps to improve digestion. It relieves smooth muscle spasms associated with colic, protects the GI mucosa, expels gas from the GI tract and combats acute and chronic infections. It is extremely beneficial during child’s teething period and helps prevent other ailments during this time. Bonizest Syrup restores the normal functioning of the digestive tract which maintains overall health in infants and children.

  • Effectively relieves smooth muscle spasms associated with colic
  • Protects G.I. mucosa, expels gas from the GI tract
  • Combats acute and chronic abdominal infections
  • Restores the normal physiological functions of the GI tract
  • Made with 100% Ayurvedic Ingredients
  • Infants up to 1 month: 10-12 drops thrice daily,15 minutes before feed for minimum 3 months
  • Infants up to 6 months: 2.5 ml thrice daily,15 minutes before feed for minimum 3 months
  • 6 months to 3 Years: 5 ml thrice daily for minimum 3 months
  • Or as directed by the Physician

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