Top Neuropsychiatry PCD Franchise Companies in India     


In the 21st-century people are taking a lot of stress which leads to mental illness. The market demand for neuropsychiatry medicines is quite high but the supply is short. There are many areas where neuro medicines are not available and thus Innovative Pharmaceutical has taken the responsibility to provide the quality neuro medicines in every nook of the nation.

There have been increasing Pharma problems across the nation, and many Pharma professionals are looking to meet the needs of the people. The rise of mental health disorders has led to an increase in demand for quality neuropsychiatry products in the population.

One of the best ways to



provide the best healthcare medicines in the market is through Pharma franchise services. Therefore many professionals are looking to collaborate with top neuropsychiatry companies in India.

Since there are a lot of Pharma companies in India, it takes work to choose the ideal company for collaboration by professionals.

To solve the problem of choice, we have curated the list of India’s top 10 neuropsychiatry franchise companies. This will help or assist the professionals in a better understanding of the market and better franchise services across the board.


Well-known Neuro Psychiatric PCD franchise companies are:
  1. Serdia Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Ikon Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Somacare
  4. Neuromed Pharmaceuticals
  5. Pharvax Biosciences
  6. Lifegenix
  7. Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd.
  8. Netprime Pharma
  9. Eridanus Healthcare
  10. Unibiotech Formulation
Our Highly Preferable Neuropsychiatry Franchise Products

We have made a significant presence in the pharmaceutical market by providing superior quality neuro range of medicines. With the assistance of 250+ workforce, distributors and modern machinery we can deliver a wide Range of neuro products. The organization is connected with the strong channel of distributors who take a responsibility to deliver the medicines all across the country. The quality and packaging of products are the topmost priority of our company as they are recognized by the customers at first glance.

Over 250+ Neuro PCD Products are available with us. With complete assurance in accordance with GMP, Innovative Pharmaceutical is a name trusted by millions!


Below given is our Neuro PCD franchise product portfolio:
  • Anti-Psychotics
  • Anti-Depressants
  • CNS Products
  • Antispasmodic
  • Urinary Antibiotic
  • Anti-Epileptic
  • Mood Stabilizers
  • Anti-Scar Cream/ Soap
  • Anxiolytics
  • Ortho Care

Our products are highly effective in dealing with all the common neuropsychiatric disorders like migraine headaches, uncontrolled anger, cognitive deficits, seizures and attention deficits.


Why to choose Innovative Pharmaceurtical for Neuropsychiatry PCD Franchise
  • We have our own manufacturing unit at Nalagarh Himachal Pradesh
  • 250+ Neuro-Psychiatry medicines are available
  • Monopoly based neuro franchise opportunity
  • Attractive promotional marketing inputs
  • Genuine and competitive rates
  • Better profit margins
  • Prompt delivery of products
  • Good quality services
  • Healthy working environment
  • Transparent operations
  • Customer-centric approach 24×7


Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) –

Q1. Is PCD Pharma different from Pharma Franchise?

A- No, both PCD and Pharma Franchise are the same thing.

Q 2. How to start Neuro Pharma PCD Franchise Business?
A – KYC (know your customer) is what one supposed to proceed with the company executive.
To Cross verify with the vacant spot so as to apply for franchise in particular state or district.
(I) Drug License – 20B & 21B or 20, 21 or Doctors Registration Certificate
(ii) ID Proof (Aadhar Card/ Driving License/ Voter ID)
(iii) PAN Card of Firm / Proprietor
(iv) GST (if available) or Shop’s Registration Certificate
(v) Visiting Card of the shop/Photo/Video Clip
(vi) Terms & Conditions document with Stamp & Signature

Q 3. – What will be the minimum amount of investment?
A – There is a minimum amount of Rs 35,000/- per month required to start your business for retail firm & Rs 50,000/- per month required for wholesale firm.

Q4. IS CD (Cash Discount) better or scheme better for the customer?

A- CD (Cash Discount) is better for the customer. The illustration is given below:

For example, a person wants to purchase medicine with cost 100 for one box

  1. Under Cash discount

Before Discount Cost of 10 box medicine = 1000 (100*10) i.e. 100 rupees per box and 10 rupees per strip

C.D 10%

After Discount cost of 10 box = (1000-100) 900 i.e. 900/10 = 90 rupees per box and 9 rupee per strip

  1. Under Scheme

In the above case if the customer chooses the scheme (10+1)

The cost will be 1000 rupees for 11 boxes under this scheme i.e. cost of one strip 1000/110 = 9.1 approx.

Hence the Cash discount will be more beneficial to the customer than Scheme.


The above blog is useful in many ways, If you really want to start a business by investing in Neuropsychiatry PCD Franchise, then it’s a great opportunity to grow your business to an extreme level.

Innovative Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd is the most reliable & best company of India.
A perfect healthcare partner. For more information and help you can fill the contact form on our website – or directly call us: Ph: 8484033913.

We always seek the opportunity to help our needed customers

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