What is preventive dental care. Do you need it?

Preventive dental care often called as preventive dentistry is the art of keeping your teeth healthy and clean by doing the right things and by adopting the right practices. We all know that excellent dental health not only adds to our looks but it is also is ideal for our general health in many ways.

Preventive dental health must start from a very early age in your life as it will provide you numerous benefits for a long period. You should not only brush and floss your teeth properly but you must also do regular dental checkups to ensure that everything is fine. Therefore, we can say that it is a combination of healthy dental habits and regular checkups.

Let us see the common services that exist in preventive dentistry:

Cleaning – Proper cleaning of teeth with the help of high-quality toothpaste, brushes, dental floss, and other products and accessories.

X-rays – Scanning teeth for checking the presence of any fine cavity or defect in gums.

Oral Exams – Appearing in oral exams not only educates you about the different oral health issues but also keeps you upgraded with the latest trends and practices in dental care.

Now, let us look at some of the key aspects and roles of preventive dental care:

Preventive dental care not only maintains the cleanliness of your teeth but is also crucial for the gum health that supports healthy teeth. Moreover, you also need to check any defects like a cavity, gum defects, etc. Also, the issues like gingivitis i.e. swollen and red gums and bleed instantly while brushing or even by touching with fingers need to be tackled with care. You can follow these habits to maintain the health of your teeth and gums as preventive dental care is largely dependent on your dental habits:

    • Brush of your teeth twice daily
    • Floss on a daily to remove the food particles that get stuck between the teeth
    • Don’t smoke or use other products that contain tobacco

Now, let us look at some of the benefits of preventive dental care that makes it necessary:

    • It keeps you away from dental diseases like tooth decay, gum defects, etc.
    • Helps you to fix a dental issue quickly before the situation gets worse which saves both your time and efforts.
    • Dental health also has a huge impact on the other health aspects especially when the patient is diabetic or has suffered dreadful diseases like cancer in the past.
    • While performing dental checkups the dentist might also observe some defects or diseases in your jawbone, neck or mouth which might prevent serious issues in the future.

These are a few advantages of ensuring preventive care of your teeth. Preventive health care also promotes good oral health habits which is a good thing.

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