Bone Healing & Arthritis
Pack: 1 x 15 Capsules (Blister Pack) in Mono Carton


Bonezest Capsules

Bone Healing & Arthritis

Therapeutic Segment : Bone Healing Supplement

Packing : 1 x 15 Capsules (Blister Pack) in Mono Carton

Benefits :

  • Reduces fracture healing time
  • Helps to gain early, normal tensile strength
  • Reduces pain, tenderness & inflammation
  • Acts as an anti-osteoporotic, reduces chances of refracture in bed ridden patients due to fracture
  • Strengthens muscle & tendon thus helps in early recovery
  • Possess analgesic properties comparable to aspirin & ibuprofen
  • Helpful in degenerative bones
  • Promotes bone growth and increases bone mass

Also Available

Bonezest Syrup

Key Ingredients:

Hadjod Extract

Hadjod Extract
For healing fracture of bones.

Hadjod Extract


Contains high percentage of calcium to heal bones


Nirgundi Extract

Nirgundi Extract
Nirgundi is useful in reducing joint and muscular pain

Nirgundi Extract

Abha Guggle

Abha Guggle
Used for rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis.

Abha Guggle

Lakshadi Guggul

Lakshadi Guggul
Has antiarthritic and chondroprotective activity.

Lakshadi Guggul



Each soft gelatin capsule contains :

Hadjod Extract (Cissus Quadrangularis) St. 300 mg
Shobhanjana Extract (Moringa Oleifera) Sd.Lf 50 mg
Nirgundi Extract (Vitex Negundo) Lf. 50 mg
Arjuna Extract (Terminalia Arjuna) Bk. 20 mg
Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera) Rt. 20 mg
Rasna Extract (Pluchea Lanceolata) Lf. 20 mg
Haridra Extract (Curcuma Longa) Rh. 30 mg
Abha Guggle.Ass 50 mg
Sankh Bhasma.Ass 20 mg
Abrak Bhasma 60 Puti.Ass 10 mg
Kukkutandtwak Bhasma.Ass 20 mg
Lakshadi Guggul.Ass 100 mg

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