Bester - Handmade Sheesham Wood Comb 13 FC

Handmade Sheesham Wood Comb

Therapeutic Segment : Hair Care

The Natural Organic Touch Made with 100% Natural Sheesham wood that stimulates hair growth & Reduces Dandruff 100% Natural | Oil Treated | Eco Friendly

Bester sheesham wood comb is purely hand crafted from a single strong piece of  sheesham wood by the skilled artisans. It is especially good for skin and hair and a perfect tool to complete your daily hair -care regimen. The wooden teeth have rounded tips that have a gentle massaging effect on your scalp.

They are gentle on your hair and evenly distribute the oil produced by the scalp which provides essential nutrients for your hair growth.

This comb helps sustains hair health, reduces hair fall and removes dandruff. It doesn’t produce any static electricity and add lustre to your hair. It is the healthiest way to comb your hair and feel natural like running your fingers through your hair.

  • De-tangling & smoothens hair
  • Reducing breakage, damage & hair fall
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Relieving stress
  • Hindering static electricity
  • Adding shine to your hair
  • Fighting dandruff and itchiness
  • Inducing good sleep with deep combing
  • Preventing brittleness, cuticle
  • damage & hair breakage
  • Spreading natural sebum evenly
  • Make sure when you comb, the teeth touch the scalp
  • Deep combing twice a day is healthy
  • Detangle before sleep
  • Soak your comb in any pure hair oil once a month
  • Do not expose the comb to water
  • Always wipe with a tissue or cloth
  • Keep away from direct heat & sunlight
  • It is advisable to change your neem comb every 6 months

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Wooden Comb

Therapeutic Segment

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